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The YORITSU Slide Regulator is an efficient, trouble-free device for controlling A.C. voltage. Unlike most transformers, our voltage regulator has a transformation ratio that can be smoothly and continuosly changed so the output of the unit can be controlled from zero to line voltage or even higher.


  • EFFICIENT - transforms power more efficiently than rheostats.
  • DURABLE - because it runs cool (40/50° C max).
  • OVERLOAD-ABLE withstands 1000% overloads short term.
    •  Independent of load size or power factor - voltage to the load changes little from full load to none.
    •  Produce an adjustable output voltage that is a sine wave. Only the voltage magnitude is changed; the shape of the voltage is not distorted.
    •  Handle all load power factors.
    •  Can be used to adjust banks of capacitors and/or inductors.


Regulate voltage (over and under-voltage testing of electrical electronic equipments).

  • Speed control
  • Lighting control in theatres, hotels, photographic studios
  • Motor test stands
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial process heating control
  • Source voltage & load banks for electrical testing:


Untuk pesanan STABILIZER YORITSU, kapasitas mulai 0.5 KVA s/d 100KVA, hubungi Showroom kami di :

LTC GF2 Blok C5 No. 6-7 Jakarta Barat 11180
Telpon : (021) 6220-0549, (021) 6230-5605
Faximile : (021) 6230-5606
WA / Handphone : 0819-3245-0860

LTC GF1 Blok C31 No. 10 Jakarta Barat 11180

Telpon : (021) 6220-0468
Faximile : (021) 2607-1142 
WA : 0821-1871-8570 
Handphone : 0812-9029-2916




Untuk pesanan STABILIZER YORITSU, kapasitas Besar diatas 100KVA, hubungi Factory kami di :

Telpon :
(021) 2925-5900, (021) 2925-5905

Faximile :
(021) 2925-5916, (021) 2925-5917

Jl. Tol Cikampek KM.26, Bekasi Jawa Barat - INDONESIA
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