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Stabilizer YORITSU XP Series

Logo YoritsuXP.jpgIntroducing .......


Stabilizer Yoritsu XP Series is the best in all of Automatic Voltage Regulators in the world, on all points of its features such as performance, reliability, toughness, construction, shape, design and even its COLOR.

Stabilizer Yoritsu XP Series have super performances, superior quality, very rapid correction speed, mechanical accuracy, extra high efficiency, compact size, light weight and of course very wide range of input voltage.

At this moment of getting this nice, Stabilizer Yoritsu XP Series, you can really know above all features and find the satisfaction in your best choice. Just choose the DYNAMIC COLOR you want!

 Capacity & Dimension :

Power (KVA) Type Depth Width Height Weight
500 VA XP-500 175 190 140 6 kg
100 VA XP-1000 205 225 160 7 kg


Untuk pesanan STABILIZER YORITSU, kapasitas mulai 0.5 KVA s/d 100KVA, hubungi Showroom kami di :

LTC GF2 Blok C5 No. 6-7 Jakarta Barat 11180
Telpon : (021) 6220-0549, (021) 6230-5605
Faximile     : (021) 6230-5606
WA / Handphone : 0819-3245-0860

LTC GF1 Blok C31 No. 10 Jakarta Barat 11180

Telpon           : (021) 6220-0468
WA                : 0821-1871-8570 
Handphone     : 0812-9029-2916




Untuk pesanan STABILIZER YORITSU, kapasitas Besar diatas 100KVA, hubungi Factory kami di :

Telpon :
(021) 2925-5900, 2925-5905 (hunting) 

Faximile :
(021) 2925-5916, 2925-5917

Jl. Tol Cikampek KM.26, Bekasi Jawa Barat - INDONESIA
Email :