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Building Characteristics Stabilizer Yoritsu


  • Insulated Class E for max. temperature 75°C with ambient temperature 40°C
  • Core are made of Grain Oriented Silicon Steel with low iron loss. Type M4 (Japan), width (0.27mm)
  • Grain Oriented Silicon Steel are anealing on 750°-800° C within 12 hours
  • AC/DC Servo Motor (Ex. Japan) with high speed intensity and no noise
  • Winding are made of high quality Copper , Thermal Standard 180°C
  • Bakelite print plate are made of slot that help CNC machine get perfect precision


Features :

  1. Digital Visualization of the output voltage
  2. CNC Winding machines to ensure consistency in precision and tension strength
  3. Adjustable PCB electronic output with accuracy 1%, 2%,3%,4%
  4. High Reliability/ MTTR
  5. A heavy duty high speed low noise AC-DC servo motor
  6. Robust constructions, admitting over-loads up to 1000% the nominal
  7. Stable & accurate output voltage
  8. High efficiency > 98%, which means less maintenance cost
  9. Optional over voltage: alarming, automatic cut-off


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LTC GF2 Blok C5 No. 6-7 Jakarta Barat 11180
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